Due to a technical issue, the system that notifies users when a rep has replied to their ticket is currently not working. Normally, you would receive an email with an update to your ticket, but for now we encourage you to check your Hornet profile regularly, to see if our reps have offered you advice. At the bottom of your page, on the "Currently open tickets" link, you can see your current request.

We will provide a further update when this is fixed.

Hornet Admin Team

Following the latest covid safety recommendations, our Hornet reps will aim to resolve issues remotely in first instance. We will provide advice, run diagnostics and use remote assistance tools wherever possible. Only after these have been tried we can arrange appointments in person.

If you are having a connection issue, please try another form of connection (wired or wireless) until remote support can be provided.

Many thanks for your understanding,

Hornet Admin Team

Welcome to Halls!

This site will allow you to register with Hornet to use the wired internet connection in your bedroom. The wired connection is the only way to connect to the internet with a games console (Playstation, Xbox, Switch...), or with Smart TVs or internet music streaming devices. This is because the Wi-Fi security used in the global academia network (Eduroam) is not supported by devices such as these. We also recommend you to use the wired network for your laptops and desktops wherever possible, as it is faster and more stable than the Eduroam Wi-Fi.

To register with Hornet, you need to have completed the IT Signup, with your University username.

Once you have registered with Hornet, and agreed to our Terms and Conditions, you can manage your account details including:

  • Change your device registered to use the internet and add additional computers or devices
  • Edit your contact details
  • Log a request for help and support
  • Contact the Hornet Rep assigned to your problem
  • View your current and fixed problems
  • Ask for advice about using the Hornet service